Monday, October 16, 2006

the morbid instant of a life!

There is an image in my mind that never leaves me alone, even while I am very relaxed and calm. There is a woman in her late 20’s driving a relatively old car, something like an old Toyota in dark, dark blue perhaps. She is driving. The road is deafly silent. She has put her arm on the edge of the window and her black her is dancing to the wind. She’s driving absentmindedly. I could hear some light music with the deep voice of a woman in the background. She looks very comfortable and calm. She is beautiful and confident. She seems to be a person who has a unique story about her past. She looks like a completely free person who could go anywhere without having to explain to anyone the reason for her departure or arrival. She is neither skinny nor fat. She is driving, driving, driving smoothly…comfortably….authoritatively….And then a big truck approaches from the opposite direction. And she is removed. An un-ceremonial removal from this world...


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