Sunday, July 08, 2007

They Are Sadly Doctors!

Since I heard that five of those who were involved in the conspiracy to launch the car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow are in fact doctors, I have not been able to get rid of my deep feeling of sorrow and grief. It is one thing to think that uneducated individuals who are fed up with the West plan and participate in actions of terrorism. And it is entirely a different thing to think that doctors who are highly skilled professionals, respected and trusted by the society launch terrorist attacks and terrorist actions that involve murdering many innocent individuals. Even if they are extremely disgusted by what the West has been doing in the Middle East, this is seriously not the way to take revenge and to value the spirits of the innocent and unfortunate civilians and soldiers who daily die tragically in significant numbers in the Middle East and in the Muslim world in general. In my opinion, these doctors could have easily been the defendant of the blood and spirit of thousands and perhaps millions of muslins in the Middle East by simply becoming those who represent the humanly and capable aspects of the people of Islam. It makes me gravely sad to see doctors doing what seems to be the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do as doctors, as professionals whose job is helping people by curing their patients’ illnesses and saving many individuals’ lives with their skills. These doctors, I think, by committing to medical ethics, could have benefited the people of their faith in many constructive ways and here they are being recognized as number one terrorists in U.K!

To read the news about the doctors' role in the car bomb attacks, click here.


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