Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Life Cycle of Girls: Womanhood

Last night while I was desperately trying to find the year in which Iran signed the Convention on The Rights of the Child, I came across a number of very interesting photo essays on UNICEF's website. Among these photo essays, one was of my particular interest. As you can guess from the tile of this post, it is called, "The life cycle of girls: Womanhood" and in contains 18 pictures of girls and women in the less privileged areas of the world. I thought you might also be interested in taking a look at these photos. This photo essay begins by the following statement:

" Despite advances, gender violence and discrimination are on the rise, according to the 2006 United Nations Secretary-General's report on achieving the Millennium Development Goals."

Gender violence and discrimination on the rise in the world....
We have a long way to go....

Here is the Photo Essay: (Once you click on begin, it will show you all the 18 pictures.)
Click Here.


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