Saturday, March 14, 2009

So, sister, I'm Keepin' my eye on you....

One of my classmates in "Women and Leadership" class shared a clip from the movie of the Color Purple(my favorite novel) with us. This song and the dynamics presented in this clip made me think a lot. It made me think of all the times that maybe even unconsciously or maybe because of jealousy or competition I have been "mean" or "unkind" to other women. Or for instance, it made me think of the female members of the moral police in Iran who chase after the "not approppriately veiled" women on the street and arrest them. I am not saying any of us is to be blamed as for the most part we are part of an already established system and sets of norms and so we do what we are told to do or what we think it is "right" or the "norm". But maybe once in a while we do need clips and songs like the one I am about to share with you in order to rethink our behavior and our values and in order to become more aware of our own feelings, actions and the consequences of the kind of behavior that we choose to have. After all, as women we have a long path to take in order to one show our true capacity and competence to ourselves and the world. So why should be make this path harder for ourselves by creating even more obstacles on the way for each other? We are all in this together one way or another....

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to watch this clip.

Miss Celie's Blues(from the color Purple)
Woh woh ..........
Uhm uhm ..........
Uhm uhm ..........

you've been on my mind
Sister, we're two of a kind
So sister,
I'm keepin' my eyes on you
I betcha think
I don't know nothin'
But singin' the blues
Oh sister, have I got news for you
I'm somethin'
I hope you think
that you're somethin' too

Oh, Scufflin',
I been up that lonesome road
And I seen a lot of suns goin' down
Oh, but trust me
No low life's gonna run me around

So let me tell you somethin' sister
Remember your name
No twister,
gonna steal your stuff away
My sister
We sho' ain't got a whole lot of time
So shake your shimmy,
'Cause honey the 'shug
is feelin' fine

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