Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Writing our Body!

I am reading an article for one of my literature classes. The article is called " The Laugh of the Medusa" by Helene Cixous(b.1938)who is an alegerian-french feminist author and professor. Although this article was written in a different time and place, I think that it speaks to what the Iranian woman could do in terms of presenting herself in her wirtings. She begins her article with the following sentences:

" I shall speak about women's writing: about what it will do. Woman must write her self: must write about women and bring women to writing, from which they have been driven away as violently as from their bodies-for the same reasons, by the same law, with the same fatal goal. Woman must put herself into the text- as into the world and into history-by her movement".

Reading those lines inspires me to write and write and write freely. It reminds me of all that I will have to do as a woman, as an Iranian and as a member of the diaspora.


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