Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Are Not Men!

Excerpts of lyrics from the rap song "We Are Not Men"Written and sung by Shahin Najafi Performed by Tapesh 2012GermanyMay 2008Translation by Frieda(

Like the girl with her hymen sewnAnd the poor one in the fire thrown
Like my mother's oppressive lotSummed up in her kettle and pot
Her body yet unseenHer unveiling unforeseen
She said after life she would no doubt go to hellThere she would suffer dangling by her hair
I said, isn't heaven under mothers' feet?*Mother, heaven is busy, catch the world you meet
She said the cantor's prayer makes me shudderI said fear has become your rudder
Seventy years of womanhood is exploitationNo life but fear and degradation
A woman innocent, her existence was her crimeTransformed, beaten into submission to be made prime
What happens to a woman who hasn't been cheatingShe is the object of fifty years of beating
She has to stay prone and unheardNot even imagine an uncaged bird
Always the object of a chaperone peepingA doll, only considered good for sleeping
You smell of whips and smacksHow much longer blackmailed by Toms and Jacks?
Like Iran you have become a trampThe future is in your hands lady champ
You smell like our land shattered Gone from being flattered to tattered
We were destroyed by our manhoodPlease display your womanhood
Take a bit of your valor perfumeSpray it on us with a plume
Ma'am, we're not men, count us outTake the banner and lead the crowd

A piece about the song:



At 1:05 PM, June 29, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

فكر كردي با اين فيلم، چكسي را ضايع كردي؟! يك كم بيشتر فكر كني بد نيست


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