Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am not a Dangerous Person!

“So did you bring nuclear weapons with you, young lady?” This question is probably the saddest question that random individuals ask me when they realize I am from Iran. “ Eyeran? Wow. So did you bring nuclear weapon with you, young lady?” When I hear this question, I want to both cry without hiding my sorrow and laugh loudly. I want to cry, because out of all of the wonders that one might have about me and out of all the questions that a stranger could ask me, they choose a question with which quite frankly I have nothing to do. I myself am perhaps considered a fugitive of sorts from Iran and no matter how much I love my birthplace I have a history and a baggage that is distinct from the stereotypes that exist about Iran in the world. Iran certainly has many flaws, political and social problems and those who know me(and my family) are aware that I have a lot to narrate about those flaws and repression. However, my bitter experiences in that land do not mean that I should also contribute to the ignorance that exists in the West about Iran. No government in the world represents the opinions of all of its citizens and this especially applies to rather repressive governments. Some of us consider ourselves from the Iran that despite its current circumstances is historically and culturally a very rich, unique and valuable place. It saddens me that my being Iranian at times automatically gives those who do not even know me the right to tease me for my nationality and the news headlines regarding Iran. Irregardless of where I stand in terms of my opinions and criticism of Iran, I should be respected for who I am and no stranger should be inconsiderate enough to attack me with an outrageous question of this nature in a short introductory conversation. So when I hear this question, I think about how many of us will have to constantly prove these unfortunate stereotypes wrong throughout our lives. I am willing to fight these stereotypes to prove to the world that not all Iranians are evil, destructive and dangerous. I close my eyes and wish for the day when no innocent individual is treated with disrespect for their nationality, ethnicity and race.


At 5:03 PM, August 28, 2008, Blogger Adamizad said...

dorood, shaki nist ke anche neveshti doroste
omidvaram ke pirooz baskwhi

At 1:38 AM, November 27, 2008, Anonymous hossein said...

Dear Azadeh,
Although sometimes I presume Iranian are destructive psychologically,I agree with you on this issue: "I am not a Dangerous Person".

Best wishes,

At 3:24 AM, January 21, 2009, Blogger Behzad said...

Dear Azadeh, I think the best way is to answer confidently. For example, you can remind them that they don't need you to bring them nuclear weapons 'cause they have more than enough and they know how to use it on people. A confident and friendly answer is what these people need. They are usually honest and misinformed. You can change their opinion easily. Good luck.

At 9:56 PM, June 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Azadeh,

You are proud to be an Iranian, and you know, I am proud to have an Iranian friend. I've learned so much from what you wrote. I appreciate the way you express your feelings about your country, your beloved birthplace.


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