Sunday, February 15, 2009

Life Does Go on in Tehran...

This blog is called,
"Life Goes on in Tehran". Many of you might have already come across this blog. But I had not heard of it before and just today a Canadian classmate sent me its link. I find it to be a very interesting and important photo blog. As the blogger states, the mission of this blog is, "To show that regardless of what any president would have you imagine, despite what any media outlet would have you believe, life goes on in Tehran and elsewhere in Iran." Apparently the photographer of this blog that has monthly photo albums of Tehran is a former LA resident who has now returned to Iran. For instance, if you click here, you will see the latest monthly album(Feb. 2009). According to the archives this photo blog was launched in April 2007. I certainly recommend browsing through the photos of this blog.Living in the US for quite a few years, I have realized that as Iranian-Americans we walk such a fine line everyday by both telling the world of the flaws of our country, but also by making sure that people do not think Iran is some awfully backward country that has no sign of civilization or modernity. It is because of having walked this fine line many times during my time in the US that I really appreciate blogs like the aforementioned photoblog. The following is what the photographer of this blog says about his/her reasons for having begun this blog:

"What inspired you to start Life Goes on in Tehran?

When I was leaving Los Angeles, many of my friends were worried for me. They thought I was jumping into a war zone. Soon after moving to Iran I shared a few photos with them and assured them that all is safe and normal. But I soon realized how little they knew about Iran. Their fears and lack of knowledge about Iran is justified and a result of the negative portrayal of this country in Western media -- as well as sound bites from a certain controversial President. So I decided to start a site to remind them (and the rest of the world) that life goes on in Tehran and elsewhere in Iran"

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