Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama's DC

Last week I was lucky enough to go to DC on a short trip. Washington DC is the first city in which I resided when I came from Iran in 2001. So, I consider DC my second home and I feel strangely comfortable in the streets of this city. Even though I have not lived in DC for a few years, I continue to consider DC my most favorite city in the US. I don't like DC because it is a pretty city and things. I like DC because of the political energy that runs the city.

Last week, I went to DC for the fist time since President Obama has begun his work. I did not stay in town for long enough to really feel the kind of energy that President Obama's administration has brought into this town. However, even in my very short stay I encountered a distinct level of energy in DC. I overheard many conversation as I was on the metro or in other public spaces about specific policies that are being implemented by President Obama. I overheard many young professionals talking about President Obama as though he was simply one of them.I felt the sense of distance between the people and the White House has decreased. I also felt a buzz among some of the young professionals that I encountered that I believe might be rooted in the sense of responsibility to the United States and the world that nowadays has become the dominant theme of this town.

I am not trying to say President Obama has fully transformed the city in the best possible way. All I am trying to convey is that I felt a level of energy, hope and responsibility around town that I had not felt in the past. Let us hope that this positive energy will, in fact, impact the United States' domestic and foreign policies in effective and sensible ways.


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